How to Redeem Standard Chartered Bank Rewards Voucher / Coupon?

If you have SCB Rewards voucher / Coupon, you may enter it on our website when you are at the checkout page. It will adjust/redeem the cart value with the amount of the voucher.

Where to obtain the Standard Chartered bank rewards voucher / Coupon?

You need to call the SCB helpline and request to get the voucher/coupon. SCB will issue you the coupon/voucher depending on the available rewards points in your account and your request.

How long it takes to delivery my order?

We aim to dispatch 95% of the orders within 3-4 working days via courier services. It takes 2-4 working days to deliver across Pakistan. Tracking numbers are updated everyday for the orders that are dispatched.

What denomination/value of the vouchers/coupons?

SCB Rewards vouchers/coupons are available in the following denominations Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 5000, Rs 10000, Rs 15000, Rs 20000, Rs 30000, Rs 40000, Rs 50000

Can I use multiple Coupons/Vouchers in a single transaction?

Yes, multiple coupons/vouchers can be used in a single transaction.

How do I pay the balance of payment?

If the purchase item value is more than the coupon/voucher, you can pay the balance of payment via SCB credit/debit card at our secure payment gateway.

My voucher value is greater than the product that I chose, will I get a return of the balance of the amount?

Our technical team is working to return the balance of the voucher amount for this scenario. However, at present, the amount will not be returned. We will update the website as soon as this feature is active.

Do you offer delivery services in all cities of Pakistan?
Yes, we do, we use TCS, M&P, and Leopard Courier to deliver across Pakistan.

Do you have an outlet located in Pakistan?
Yes, we have had a presence in the main Electronics market in Saddar Karachi since 1980.

Are you an authorized dealer of the brands you are offering?
Yes, we are the authorized dealer of the brands that we offer.

Do you accept returns?
We do have a return policy. Please read the Terms and Conditions page.

What do I do if I have a complaint?
We always try to solve the complaints customers have. Depending on the nature of the complaint, we suggest solutions. Please contact us via the Contact Us page or the phone number that is given on the website. Thanks.

What is the process to claim a warranty?
All products that come with a warranty can be claimed via the parent/brand company directly. The warranty card explains the terms and conditions and contact details of the service center in your city.

Do you deliver original appliances?
We always keep, sell, and deliver original products from parent / Brand companies.

Do you accept orders for companies/promotions etc?
Yes, we do, please contact us for details via the Contact Us page or the phone number given on the website. Thanks.

Do you price match*?
We can match it, with our discretion and terms. The product must be identical, offered to sell by an authorized sellers’ store on the internet, with similar payment terms, and the stock should be available from the parent/brand company. We do not price-match services or software.

Any question that is not answered here:

Please message the mobile number +92-333-2171697 or WhatsApp it. Unfortunately, phone calls are not attended on this number. or call at shop phone numbers given on the website from 2 pm to 9 pm Monday to Saturday, or email:

*Price Matching Policy. We aim to match the price on an apple-to-apple comparison, which means the product should be available, from the authorized dealer of the brand, on sale (not on promotion), and on a legitimate/authentic website*.

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