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In this time of age, we know how hard it is to go out and shop for your favorite electronic appliances for your home and kitchen at the price you like the most. Especially when you have an option to get the best items at a minimal budget online? Isn’t it obvious? Well, don’t worry, as to keep this thought in mind, we at have thrived to offer our customers the best branded electronic appliances at a market-competitive price. All our electronic and kitchen appliances are ensured with international brand quality so that you can have moments to make your life reliably easy. Enjoy the ease of comfort in your daily life and order from our online electronic store in Pakistan at a reasonable cost. 

Best Customer Service-A Road to strong seller and consumer relations

We have a policy of treating our customers as a family. And that is the reason, we find every possible way to serve our customers most amicably. With an active customer response, we at are offering our customers home delivery all over Pakistan with a few glimpses of delivery charges. We have all the household items and kitchen appliances that include a Chopper, Blender, Grinder, Toaster, Sandwich maker and Food Factory. All these appliances have their own brand warranty so that you can have peace of mind when you make the decision of buying. 

Our friendly customer service representatives are always available to answer your questions and help you resolve any complaints you may have. With a simple warranty claim procedure and a reasonable return policy, getting a faulty item repaired or replaced during the warranty period. 

We at offer easy monthly installments with 0% interest rates

Well, if you are a person living in Pakistan and you have a mindset that always enables the thought of going light on your pocket? Or if you have a priority, to never go for the items that never sit on your budget? Then we at have got your back as your reliable online shopping partner! How? Easy, just go on some surfing on our website and select any electronic items or home appliances you need. Add that item to your cart and here comes the fun part! Never ever worry about the price anymore! Yes, you heard it right! Why? Simply because we are offering our items at easy monthly installments with 0% markup. 

  • You just need a credit card from the bank you want to use and select the tenure in which you will be going to pay. 
  • Just after selecting your tenure, make your payment of the first installment, and wait for the time until you receive your dream order. 

So, why not experience shopping from your trusted seller at the convenience of your low-priced consistent cost? Hurry up and make your purchase among our thousands of electronic appliances!

Please keep an eye on our INSTALMENT PRODUCTS category for current offerings.

Some of the popular categories you should definitely check out!

TV and Entertainment

In this world of high-advance media, who is there who doesn’t want to taste the jolt of never-ending entertainment at their house? We at offer some of the best Smart LED TV’s that can provide you with the experience of living class in nature. All our LED TV’s have an official brand warranty and trademark of quality at a reasonable price. 


Living in Pakistan and never having the experience of load shedding seems unrealistic to anyone, isn’t it? Well, now is not the time to worry about these hassles as we are offering some of the best brand generators on our site. With 100% copper coil and adequate fuel capacity, you can have a time of happiness without any interruption. So, seize one for your needs by using our monthly installment scheme.


We at are providing our corporate customers, the ultimate gadget of their work and entertainment in the form of advanced chip laptops. We are offering the latest Apple Macbooks, Dell Inspiron and Latitude series, followed by HP and Acer series at the special monthly installment price. So, that you can have your dream gadget at the easy pace of your income.

Refrigerator and Air-Conditioners

Why not beat the heat by staying indoors in the most favorable environment and enjoying a chill drink straight from your refrigerator? Well, we know you cannot resist that! So, stay ahead this summer season by buying some of the best top-tier brands of Refrigerators and Air-Conditioners in Pakistan. We cover almost all the quality brands in Pakistan with some of the best long-life adaptability. And all that at EMI (Easy Monthly Instalments) with 0% markup.

Other than these categories, we are also offering some of the grooming products for our self-care customers. These products can be an essential integral of your daily routine if you are the one who takes extra steps in grooming and hygiene. Always look sharp and trimmed by using some of the best trimmers listed in this category is constantly improving its operations in order to consistently deliver world-class online shopping experiences to its esteemed customers as the trend of online shopping in Pakistan continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Still confused about Shopping online? Visit our Electronic Shop in Karachi

Perhaps you may still not feel the comfort of shopping online and you want to have the pleasure of something physical. Then hold on, this is the answer to your worries! Why? Because we have our physical shop for our extra conscious customers. Our Electronic shop in Karachi is located at 6, Ghafoor Chamber, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar. So, if you are living in Karachi, head straight to this location to visit us and explore the vicinity of branded Home and Kitchen appliances at our shop. And surely, we are eager to serve you! Also, for customers living in cities other than Karachi, we have an option of home delivery at your service, with one of the most reasonable delivery charges. 

So, why give a second thought to all these offers? Buckle up and shop online as we have a motto “serve to make a difference”. 

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