Why Buy2day.pk

Why Buy2day.pk ?

There are many reasons to choose us. A few of them are highlighted.

  • Almost all types of electronics appliances at one place.
  • We sell only branded products.
  • The prices are carefully kept competitive.
  • Home delivery all over Pakistan with appropriate delivery charges.
  • Products can be bought in installments.
  • Major credit/debit cards accepted.
  • You can also pay online to our business account.
  • You may visit our showroom in Karachi to preview the products.
  • You may call us for any query before you buy the product for further clarification if any.

Brand Value or Best value ?

These are two different mindsets. for example, the brand value of the Apple iPhone is much more than the Samsung Top range set, however, Samsung carries more value for money than its counterpart Apple.

There are scenarios where brand value does not matter! For example, while buying a single tub or twin tub washing machine. A middle-class family would either place a washing machine in their washroom or at the back of their home. Most of the time it is being used by the maid. So brand value does not really matter here. The most important factors that matter in this scenario are the value of money, durability, after-sales services, etc.

Technical Features: Most of the time this factor is ignored by many of the customers. The customer is either influenced by past experience, salesman’s pitch, price, or advertisements. Almost all products are Technically the same, by that I mean the main components they are made up of. The customer needs to probe a little bit about the technical features of the product and compare at least 2-3 brands for a similar product.

Warranty: Almost all brands offer a similar level of warranty period and services. They cover that by their local presence. Some of the products are imported by private importers and they do not offer a local warranty. These products are less expensive than the products with a warranty.

Price: This is certainly the most important factor, obviously there are no free lunches in the world.  for example, home delivery price is a bit expensive than collect from store price, etc.

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