Kitchen Appliances – Market

Many customers ask many questions while buying kitchen appliances. I tried to answer a few here.

Brand- Market is generally, unofficially, categorized into three categories. Top Tier, Middle Tier, Chines brand.

Although many of the top tiers are also made in China but the quality of their products is certainly the best. A good example is Apple iPhone, its made in China but the most expensive phone in the world.

Some of the top tier brands in Kitchen Appliances are – Panasonic, Moulinex, Braun, Tefal, Russel Hub, Philips etc.

Middle Tier – These are Black+Decker, Kenwood, Alpina, Sinbo etc

Made in China brands are – West Point, Anex, Gaba National,  Super National, Bingo etc.

The top-tier brand items, sell themselves. These are the most expensive in the market but customers know that they will work for a longer time and would not need to be covered by the warranty. Customers have good experience with these brands for decades.

The middle-tier brands are somehow struggling to make room for themselves in the market. They are made in china but their name makes them sell.

The made in China brands sell because of their prices.

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