How to select the right AC for your home.

The selection of AC for a room is not an easy task. Common myths while buying AC is “ batchoon ka kamray main lagana hai, 1 ton da dain” or “akalay ammi ka kamray main zarurak hai“…Thats not workable.

The following factors need to consider while selecting.

  • Size of the room, bigger room obviously needs bigger capacity AC.
  • Check if the room is exposed to the sun directly – If not, that’s good news!!
  • Normally 1 ton is good for a 125-150 square feet size room, provided it is not exposed to the sun directly. A small office (even less than 100 square feet ) with exposure to the sun needs 1.5 ton AC. 1.5 ton for Approx 180-200 Square feet of room.
  • Consider weather temperature of your city – The compressors categories are T1, T2, T3. T3 for the very warm climate.
  • Inverter or Non-Inverter – Not many companies publishes data about how many units of electricity are consumed by the inverter than the non-inverter for the same size if run for the same amount of time. So personal experiences are the best to judge. The inverter is approx 25% Expensive than non-inverter to buy but the running cost is less than the non-inverter.
  • The efficiency rating of the AC is also important to note, higher the better.
  • There are other factors like wifi, design, colors, etc that depend on individual budget and choices.


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